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2015 Mercedes M Class – The Luxurious Mid-Size SUV
May 7, 2014
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2015 Mercedes M Class FrontviewThe 2015 Mercedes M Class is the new line of this spectacular car with upgrades and features that will thrill any Mercedes lover. It is cute and compact and designed for the road and with this new model it will excite and delight any new owner.

The 2015 Mercedes M Class Features

The 2015 Mercedes M Class has a 3.5 V6 engine which packs a powerful punch with a bi turbo and two other engines available including the 4.6 liter engine with V8 power and the 5.5 liter with V8 power. It delivers the power in 0-62mph in 7.4 seconds.

The body style of the Mercedes is a beautiful hand me down from the first two generations of the M Class with the same sleek style making it a third generation beauty. The front end has been redesigned to please for Mercedes lovers for a powerful and aggressive drive. With stainless steel all through out the design of the Mercedes M Class this vehicle says Mercedes in large ways.

The trim options even include 19 inch alloy wheels and a glass sunroof for options that completely please. The interior offers aluminum trimmings and leather steering. With seats that electrically adjust to fit your style of riding that provide lumbar support and come in black and leather styling.

2015 Mercedes M Class SideviewThe options package also offers up ambient lighting for a calm lit atmosphere as you turn on your interior lights. Mercedes aims to please with this version of the M Class. With a six inch color display and central control for your infotainment system which allows you to access the internet for your driving pleasure.

There is also an optional rear seat infotainment system so your passengers can enjoy every bit of the ride in your Mercedes. The children and grandchildren are able to access their favorites for those long trips as your Mercedes delivers for the family ride and for speed and luxury you have come to expect from Mercedes.

Safety is not lost in this beauty because it has the lane assistance feature to the speed regulation for downhill safety. With Blind spot assistance and presafe braking this car delivers for safety as well as beauty and style. With a three year factory warranty that has no limit on mileage this car has no limit on features and design and beauty.

The 2015 Mercedes M Class Advantages

This is a beautiful offering from Mercedes as advantages to owning a Mercedes add up over the years with engineering and style that are timeless. The Mercedes says quality driving and for the driver it is a pleasure to own and drive a Mercedes.

As a family car or for your personal luxurious vehicle this Mercedes does not disappoint for beauty and design. The options are phenomenal and as you choose your very own unique Mercedes M Class your senses will be thrilled with the choices.

2015 Mercedes M Class BackviewMercedes continues to please its enthusiasts with power, quality and luxury. Delivering luxurious style to equate with the name Mercedes is what is expected and delivered.For more details please visit Luxury Car Rentals in Fort Myers, FL.

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