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2015 BMW F82 M4 – The Best Value Luxury Sports Car
May 29, 2014
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2015 BMW F82 M4 FrontviewCar enthusiasts have been waiting for the release of the new BMW F82 M4 coupe sports car, since details started swirling around more than a year ago. The wait is almost over at BMW is scheduled to release this new model into the market in June 2014, along with its counterpart the M3 sedan. The manufacturers have promised a track-ready model that is packed full of power and designed with luxury in mind. They even brought in professional race car drivers to test the model and critic the performance. But, is the BMW coupe enough to wow the consumers?


To get better power behind the new 2015 F82 M4, BMW knew they had to start with its design. This model was truly designed with aerodynamics in mind to allow the airflow to help improve performance rather than slow the car down. This model also shed some pounds thanks to the combination of carbon fiber used for the roof, trunk lid, and drive shaft and aluminum used or the hood and fenders. After all this, it is still a really sleek, yet stunning, coupe with its split front grille, 18-inch wheels, sweepback headlights, and a ducktail spoiler.

But does it perform? This car certainly packs a powerful ride going from zero to 60 miles per hour in just 3.9 seconds for the automatic transmission and 4.1 seconds for the manual model, with a top out speed of 155 miles per hour. Behind this power is a 3.0-liter, six-cylinder twin turbo engine that delivers 430 horsepower with 406 lb/ft of torque. Drivers can choose between the six-speed manual transmission or the seven-speed automatic transmission.

2015 BMW F82 M4 SideviewThe new M4 also includes a track specification cooling system that is designed to provide the optimum engine temperature at all time, along with electronically controlled exhaust and all-new electric power steering. This also helps to improve both speed and overall driving performance. Fuel efficiency numbers have not been released yet, but BMW predicts that the new M4 will offer a 25 percent improvement over its predecessors.

The sheer look of luxury seen on the exterior of the new F82 M4 is carried through to the interior of the car. It comes with comfortable heated leather front seats with a matching heated leather steering wheel with chrome trim. The rear seating offers more legroom and contoured seats for extra comfort. Of course, this model comes complete with BMW’s iDrive infotainment system operated through a touchscreen display and come with a surround sound, stereo and is compatible with Bluetooth, smartphones and satellite radio.


If a high-performing sports car is what you are looking for, the new 2015 BMW F82 M4 may just be the perfect solution for you. Its combination of top-performance and luxurious features make this a hard car to pass up. It also includes an array of safety features, such as multiple front passenger airbags, traction control, stability control, and the optional driver assistance plus package that includes active blind spot detection, collision mitigation, lane departure warning, parking assistance system, and side, top, and rear cameras.

2015 BMW F82 M4 BackviewThe only downside of the new 2015 BMW F82 M4 may be its hefty price tag of just over $61,000. However, if this fits into your budget, it is certainly a car worth a closer look and even a test drive to get the full effect. After all, if this car is track ready for performance, it should be more than ready for any road trip you have in mind. For more details please visit Exotic Car Rentals in Boca Raton, FL.

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