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2014 Aston Martin GT4 – The Exotic Driving Experience
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2014 Aston Martin GT4 FrontviewRacing fans having been waiting patiently, or not so patiently, for the release of the new 2014 Aston Martin GT4, and the wait is finally over. Entering the market with a hefty price tag of $175,000, this new race car has racing enthusiasts jumping at the chance to purchase the nearly 100 models made for the market. So far, driving experts are claiming that this new car offers a solid performance and is the perfect choice for race car drivers of all skill levels. The main question is, will this race car be able to perform likes it predecessors and is it up for the GT Challenge?


The new 2014 Aston Martin GT4 was designed and tested by racecar professionals to ensure its performance on the racetrack. It was also build to FIA GT regulations to make it ready for the racetrack as soon as you pull it off the lot. It also has a twin-plate cera-metallic clutch that includes a lighter flywheel.

It comes with a powerful 4.7-liter engine with a V8 drive train or powertrain. Drivers have the choice of a six-speed transmission or a sports shift transmission. This gives the new GT4 the power to move from zero to 60 miles per hour in just 4.2 seconds, with a top out speed of 190 miles per hour. Testers have shared that the new GT4 transfers smoothly between gears and is able to handle sharp corners flawlessly.

2014 Aston Martin GT4 SideviewAston Martin worked hard to improve the aerodynamics of the new GT4 by making many changes, including the carbon fiber rear wing, along with the new and improved front splitter. The use of carbon fiber and aluminum in the car’s design has also helped to shed more than 650 pounds off the previous model. Together these new features helped to improve both the speed and the overall performance of the new GT4.

As with all Aston Martin models, the new GT4 has a sleek and sporty look that is perfect for the racetrack. The lights on the wheels, stylish headlights and taillights, sleek curves, and polycarbonate side and rear windows really makes the car stand out on the racetrack, even among the other sports cars on the track. This style is followed through into the interior with Recaro racing seats and a six-point well-designed harness system.

Safety is always a major concern when it comes to racecars and Aston Martin has ensured all the right safety features are included on the new GT4. This includes protection bars, rear anti-roll bars, quick release steering wheel, FIA-approved roll cage, and a new FIA-approved plumbed-in extinguishing system.


The new 2014 Aston Martin GT4 is ready to hit the racetrack whenever you are. It has been totally FIA-approved and qualifies for any GT racing challenge or competition. Unlike some of its competitors, the new GT4 can be easily handled even by some of the newer drivers, yet still powerful and solid enough to get the approval of avid racers. In addition to a strong and solid performance, the new GT4 has all the required safety features to keep the driver safe even in the event of a collision.

2014 Aston Martin GT4 BackviewIf you are looking for a new sport racing car that will help you pull out in front in the race, whether you still learning the ropes or have been driving for year, the new 2014 Aston Martin GT4 is the right option for you. Last year the Aston Martin GT model was able to capture 2 championships, 40 racing wins, and 47-podium placement, and they are hoping to beat this record this year. If you want to be part of the GT racing team, test drive the new GT4 and see for yourself how great it is. For more details please visit Exotic Car Rentals in Bradenton, FL.

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