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2014 Jaguar XJL PORTFOLIO AWD – The Most Comfortable Car to Drive
July 3, 2014
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2014 Jaguar XJL PORTFOLIO AWD FrontViewJaguar’s name has always been synonymous with class, luxury, and sophistication. It earned that title for a reason, and continues to uphold its name with the 2014 Jaguar XJL Portfolio AWD. You are a priority when it comes to customizing the features and choosing the overall look of your new Jaguar XJL Portfolio AWD. It comes in a variety of colors to accompany the smooth, comfortable aesthetic of the car’s exterior.


Changing gears is as smooth as running a knife through butter with the Jaguar Sequential Shift that is combined with the forward and advanced ZF eight-speed automatic transmission. The car itself is automatically calibrated to the way that you drive so that it’s the perfect match for you. Shifting gears is even easier with the convenient addition of small paddles that are mounted on the steering wheel that literally put shifting gears at the tips of your fingers.

The seats come with both heating and cooling and come standard with a soft grained and perforated leather. Keep the inside of the car at the perfect temperature with a four-zone climate control, which also includes an air particle filtration system that eliminates odors. Humidity control and window defogging technology combine in order to make sure that your windows don’t fog and cut down your line of a fight.

2014 Jaguar XJL PORTFOLIO AWD Side ViewThe V8 engine proves its worth by bringing you the performance and power of a V8 with the efficiency of a V6. The Jaguar XJL Portfolio AWD also comes with a supercharged three-liter V6 that brings a variety of innovation induction technologies. Some of these include twin variable camshaft timing and direct injection, both of will were created in order to bring you power and efficiency. The available three hundred and thirty-two lb-ft of torque makes sure that the Jaguar XJL Portfolio AWD is ready to pounce into action at any moment.

The Jaguar Smart Key System comes with a keyless entry and start. If you’re carrying the key to your car in your pocket, the doors will automatically unlock when you pull the door handle. All that you have to do is push a button to start the ignition, so the old method of turning the key in a thing of the past. You can lock the car doors when you leave your car by pressing a button on your key.


The first advantage is for the back seat passengers; the extra five inches of legroom in the back seat will make taller individuals riding in the back much more comfortable. The luxury and comfort doesn’t end there. The heated seats and steering wheel make driving on cold mornings much more comfortable. Many cars come with heated seats, but offering a heated steering wheel is seen much less often. Because of the fact that you can lock, unlock, and start your engine with the Jaguar Smart Key System, it completely cuts out the necessity for blindly searching for keyholes in the dark.

2014 Jaguar XJL PORTFOLIO AWD BackViewThe Jaguar XJL Portfolio AWD can go from zero to sixty in 5.7 seconds flat and has a top speed of one hundred and twenty-one miles per hour limited. The estimated highway fuel usage is somewhere around twenty-seven miles per gallon. The blind spot monitor makes it so that you don’t have to be so uncertain or unsure when you change lanes. A warning signal will tell you if a car approaches your blind spot in the form of an obvious orange icon that will illuminate your external mirrors when activated. For more details please visit Exotic Car Rentals in Clearwater, FL.

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