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2014 Tesla Model S
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2014 Tesla Model S

If you care about the environment, there are few cars that are as environmentally friendly as the 2014 Tesla Model S. This fully electric vehicle has one of the most efficient electric engines of any electric car on the market today. Add in all of the style and amenities of a standard luxury car and the 2014 Tesla Model S is truly a vehicle that is in a league of its own. When it comes to luxury car rentals, you will be hard pressed to find another vehicle that offers a similar level of quality while also offering such a dramatically high fuel efficiency.


  • Induction AC Motor – This fully electric motor accelerates the 2014 Tesla Model S to 60 miles per hour in 5.5 seconds and offers roughly 200 miles of driving range without needing a recharge.
  • Tesla Supercharger Station Compatible – Tesla Supercharger Stations are scattered around the United States. These allow you to recharge the 2014 Tesla Model S roughly ten times faster than a normal recharger.
  • Autopilot Hardware – This car comes standard with a forward facing camera and 360 ultrasonic sensors. Combined, these features protect against and mitigate collisions. A backup camera also greatly reduces the likelihood of fender benders when parallel parking.
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  • Luxurious Interior – The 2014 Tesla Model S sports soft leather seats that comfortably fits up to five occupants. Additionally, the front seats are fully adjustable and heated.
  • Built-in GPS – A large front facing screen provides up to date driving directions to any location in the United States.
  • Spacious Storage – The 2014 Tesla Model S has 26 cubic feet of cargo space in its hatchback trunk. With the rear seats down this cargo space roughly doubles.
  • WiFi Ready – This feature allows passengers to use WiFi while on the move.


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When you rent a Tesla at Prestige Luxury Rentals you mitigate one of the major disadvantages of owning an electric car. Electric cars often cause range anxiety for owners. If you are renting, you know roughly the range you will need the car for and can only rent the Tesla if you need a car for 150 miles of driving or less. If that is the case, there is almost no good reason not to rent a Tesla at Prestige Luxury Rentals. The car has all the style, sophistication, and performance of a standard luxury vehicle, while allowing you to completely ignore the hassle of refueling. Visit Exotic Car Rentals in Orlando, FL.

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