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BMW M6 Coupe
February 6, 2015
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BMW M6 Coupe

The new BMW M6 Coupe is a car designed with one goal in mind: efficiency. Every detail from interior design to power systems is built around this goal. In fact, in some ways, the results of this goal can be off-putting. For example, in order to maximize cockpit space and create the most ergonomically efficient vehicle, the front seats are separated by a divider that comes up to your hips. This separation can feel a little strange to drivers who are used to more standard car designs that have open leg space between the two front passengers.

But, a little bit of claustrophobia aside, the super efficiency of the BMW M6 Coupe design pays off dividends. First, it will save the driver on gas money, due to features like the energy regenerating brakes and the automatic start / stop function which turns off the engine when it isn’t in use and then starts it at full power when it is needed again. You can also enjoy the benefits of this efficiency in the steering wheel design, which has a very good grip and is also covered with buttons that control features like the multimedia, phone, and cruise control.


  • TwinPower Turbo V8 Engine
  • Adaptive LED Headlights
  • Built-in Touch Screen GPS Navigation
  • BMW-M6_Coupe_2015 2

  • Automatic Stop / Start Function
  • 7 Speed Double Clutch Transmission with DriveLogic
  • Form Fitting Leather Seats with Headrests



There is little about the BMW M6 Coupe that couldn’t be counted as an advantage. This is a vehicle that has exceptional gas mileage, due to various energy saving features, yet still has a top speed that is right around 150 miles per hour. That is pretty much sports car quality speed in the shape of a luxury sedan. Furthermore, anyone driving a BMW M6 Coupe will be impressed with the standard built-in digital features, including navigation, telephone communication, and local weather information.

Just about the only meaningful drawback of the vehicle is that space is at a premium in it. This doesn’t interfere with driver or passenger comfort, but means you don’t want to use it to move luggage or cargo. That makes it a great vehicle for every day driving, day trips, or even potentially a weekend out of town, but it is a little questionable for longer trips and is not a great choice for family vacations. That is minor complaint in an otherwise amazing machine that makes driving a remarkably convenient activity.For more information, please visit Exotic Car Rentals in Fort Lauderdale Airport, FL.

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