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BMW 6-Series Convertible
February 12, 2015


BMW 6-Series Convertible

You will want to whistle in appreciation when you get your first look at the BMW 6-Series Convertible. The sleek, aerodynamic design gives you an initial impression that the car is 2-passenger sports car, but it is actually a 4-passenger cruising vehicle. A little visual trickery in the body makes the interior of the car seem larger than the exterior can possibly support. And, this is only one way that the designers at BMW were creative with the body design of the BMW 6-Series Convertible. This vehicle also has a body designed to direct wind away from the passengers during top down driving. Every single angle and racing line on this cruiser actively directs air so that it passes over or around passengers, rather than hitting them in face. This design is a true blessing for a 4-passenger soft top convertible.

Since wind is deflected, and thus wind noise is lessened, passengers of the BMW 6-Series Convertible will better be able to enjoy the acoustics of the Bang & Olufsen high-end surround sound audio system, while settling back in comfortable leather sports seats, whether sitting in the front or rear of the vehicle. And you don’t even have to provide your own music for that audio system. The online entertainment system allows passengers to access over 22 million different songs, without needing to be connected to a smartphone, iPod, or other similar device. You can basically enjoy an outdoor concert of all your favorite artists while driving the BMW 6-Series Convertible.


  • 20″ Light Alloy Wheels
  • Automatic Convertible Soft Top
  • Adaptive LED Lights
  • BMW-6-Series_Convertible_2

  • Built-in Navigation System with Real Time Traffic Information
  • Surround View Cameras with Parking Assistance
  • BMW Night Vision Camera
  • BMW Selective Beam
  • Wind Deflector



The BMW 6-Series Convertible combines the best features of a luxury sedan with the pleasure of top down convertible driving. As a four passenger vehicle with a spacious trunk, you won’t feel any guilt using this as a primary cruising vehicle for day trips or vacations with a family of up to four. At the same time, it is an ideal vehicle for weekend getaways with just a single other person, especially since the wind deflector can only be lifted when the rear seats don’t have passengers. However many people you load into this vehicle and whatever purpose you use it for, it is clearly at its best when cruising on warm, sunny summer days with the top down. For more information, please visit Exotic Car Rentals in Sarasota, FL.

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