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February 12, 2015
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Attractive. Fuel efficient. Spacious. Pick two.

For most vehicles, the above statement is true, but not for the BMW X4. This compact luxury SUV crossover combines all the best features of a luxury sedan and a SUV to provide a car that does the seemingly impossible. Despite a spacious interior, the BMW X4 is visually similar to most modern luxury sedans, with only the slightest extra room visible at the apex of the roof and in the tail of the vehicle. It has none of the unsightly bulk of a standard SUV, despite offering a rear cargo space that has contact free opening and has easily twice the cargo capacity of the average sedan.

The most impressive engineering feat, though, has to be the energy efficiency of the BMW X4. This vehicle has advanced features like automatic start / stop functionality, brake energy regeneration, optimum shift indicators, and an ECO PRO Mode that can save up to 20% fuel usage. And all of this is on top of an aerodynamic design and lightweight frame construction that already provide excellent fuel mileage. It is a rare car that doesn’t make you choose between attractiveness, energy efficiency, and spaciousness.


  • Built-in Navigation with Real Time Traffic Information
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Collision Detection
  • BMW-X4_2

  • Heads Up Driving Information Display
  • 360 Degree Panorama Exterior Camera View
  • Adaptive LED Headlights
  • Four Wheel Drive



Admittedly, the BMW X4 won’t win any speed or acceleration records, but you wouldn’t expect either a sedan or a SUV to be a high performance vehicle. The BMW X4 simply combines the best qualities of a luxury sedan with the best qualities of a luxury SUV. This means you have a car that is loaded with advanced features, looks just the slightest bit sporty, yet still can comfortably transport four adults and trunk full of luggage, or with the back seats folded down, is spacious enough to carry two adults and modest sized pieces of furniture.

While you may want to use this as a family vehicle for a family of four, it truly excels when used for transporting four adults and oversized luggage, like you might do on a weekend fishing trip or when heading out to go surfing. The adjustable cargo space means that this vehicle fits just about anything you want to carry and the impressive physique means that you will look good on your trip, no matter what the setting. For more information, please visit Exotic Car Rentals in Miami International Airport, FL.

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