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BMW 1-Series 3-Door
February 17, 2015


BMW 1-Series 3-Door

Driving the BMW-1 Series 3-Door, you will almost certainly notice something just a bit unusual about this car. The steering wheel seems to be set just a few inches further right than the average vehicle on the road today. This doesn’t interfere with your driving ability at all, but it does mean that BMW is better able to use the console space to the left of the steering wheel. Instead of useless empty space surrounding the steering wheel, BMW has placed a number of standard controls within easy reach of the driver.

This philosophy of using space efficiently is the driving force behind the luxury crossover design of the BMW 1-Series 3-Door. Despite the fact that the car has a very modest sized footprint, it has ample room for four full sized adults to sit in form fitting, comfortable ergonomic seats and a good week’s worth of luggage, at a bare minimum. In addition, like almost every BMW manufactured today, it includes the multi-use BMW ConnectDrive system built into the touch screen monitor in the center of the panel. And, as previously mentioned, due to the positioning of the steering column, the BMW ConnectDrive system on the BMW 1-Series 3-Door is more easily driver accessible than it is in almost any other BMW model on the market today.


  • BMW TwinPower Turbo Engine
  • 8 Speed Steptronic Transmission
  • Rear Lift Gate
  • Built-in GPS Navigation
  • BMW-1-Series_3-door_2

  • ECO PRO Driving Mode
  • Electronically Adjustable Front Seats



The BMW 1-Series 3-Door is a straightforward car with a straightforward agenda. It wants to make you feel like you are enjoying the benefits of a small SUV and driving a full sized sedan, while actually driving a rather compact vehicle. For the most part, the BMW 1-Series 3-Door succeeds in this agenda. It may make the driver feel a tad bit claustrophobic, due to the removal of elbow room in the front compartment, yet at the same time the vehicle provides remarkable leg room for both front and rear passengers.

For these reasons, the car is particularly good for transporting adults or teenage children in the rear seats. It probably isn’t the best choice for a family with small children, but if you have teenage children or kids who have already left for college, it is practically ideal for family trips. And, because it is a BMW, it has a luxurious enough exterior that your grown kids will also be willing to drive it without complaint. For more information, please visit Exotic Car Rentals in Naples, FL.

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