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BMW 2-Series Gran Tourer
February 18, 2015


BMW 2-Series Gran Tourer

The BMW 2-Series Gran Tourer is a car with an truly impressive presence. This luxury SUV doesn’t impress with size, but rather with an aerodynamic, appealing frame that appears to have taken design tips from a sports car. The curvaceous figure of the body is streaked with flamboyant racing lines, almost as if the car was intended for street racing, rather than as a top quality touring vehicle for up to seven passengers. This is just one of the many features of this vehicle that clearly proves that it deserves the BMW brand name.

After you are done admiring the exterior of the BMW 2-Series Gran Tourer, the interior will impress just as much. In the standard package, the vehicle has two ergonomically designed front seats seats and a rear bench that holds three and offers a 40-20-40 split when folded down. Additionally, an optional third row adds two more seats, allowing this vehicle to potentially transport seven passengers, despite the fact that it looks like it is designed for five.

Surprisingly, this isn’t even the best way the BMW 2-Series Gran Tourer uses space. The cockpit of this vehicle has numerous storage receptacles, while the central display makes all of the BMW ConnectDrive digital features available to the driver through an easily reached touch screen. The absolute most impressive feature, though, is the head’s up windshield display, directly above the steering wheel, which provides speed information and navigation information, preventing the driver from ever having to stop looking at the road to receive directions.


  • Ambient Interior Lighting
  • BMW-2-Series_Gran_Tourer_3

  • Storage Capacity for Objects up to 8.5 Feet Long
  • Seating for Five Passengers (Optional Room for Two More)
  • Built-in GPS Navigation
  • Steering Wheel Entertainment Control Buttons



When you are in need of a vehicle to transport a large number of children, the BMW 2-Series Gran Tourer is pretty much the car designed for that purpose. While the vehicle has the rear leg room to transport adults, the second row bench, and optional third row, are both a little tight for full grown adults. Additionally, the versatility of how this vehicle uses space and provides additional storage compartments is ideal for the types of objects that children like to take on trips. Whether you need to transport something large like a bicycle or just a small child’s toy, there is a compartment or configuration of the rear seats that makes transporting that object quite easy.

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