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BMW 235i Coupe
February 20, 2015


BMW 235i Coupe

The BMW 235i Coupe is a non-traditional racing vehicle. The body is shaped more like a sedan than a standard coupe, but the powerful twin turbocharged 6 cylinder engine still offers amazing speed and acceleration, while the Driving Experience Control system, variable sport steering, and a perfectly balanced weight distribution provide for amazing handling. It is the kind of vehicle that you expect to see winning street races, even while competing with seemingly sportier models of cars.

But, despite the racing design, it is also a car that caters to the comfort of its passengers and driver. Supple, easily adjustable, ergonomically designed seats encase the front passengers while music fills the car, streaming instantly from an internet connection that offers over 18 million different titles for your listening pleasure. There is even a built-in concierge service that can make hotel reservations for you while you are driving. For a racing vehicle, this car has all of the perks of a luxury sedan.

Probably the best features of the BMW 235i Coupe, especially if you like testing the performance limits of this vehicle, are the driver assistance features that help making driving, at any speed, as safe as possible. Real time speed limit information means that you will always know exactly how much you can push performance before getting in trouble, while a lane departure warning system and pedestrian warning system will protect you from accidents. These are truly great features to have when driving fast.


  • Twin Turbocharged 6 Cylinder Engine
  • 8 Speed Steptronic Transmission
  • Variable Sport Steering
  • BMW-M235i_Convertible_3

  • Built-in Navigation with Real Time Traffic Information
  • Brake Energy Regeneration
  • Automatic Stop / Start Function
  • Rear View Camera with Parking Assistance
  • Adaptive Headlights



The BMW 235i Coupe is a car that lets you drive fast, but doesn’t look like it is designed to drive fast. Quite frankly, this decreases your likelihood of getting pulled over when driving at extra-legal speeds. But, that doesn’t mean speeding should be your goal with this car. It is also a great car for simply riding the bleeding edge of acceptable performance. You can drive down windy highways at the speed limit, which will always be displayed on a head’s up view on your windshield, and simply enjoy the amazing road grip and handling of the BMW 235i Coupe. But unlike sports cars that offer similar benefits, this vehicle also is spacious enough to carry a family on vacation and looks sedate enough to impress your boss.
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