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Mercedes Benz S-Class S600
February 26, 2015
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Mercedes Benz S600


The Mercedes Benz S-Class S600 is pretty much the natural evolution of the executive limo. This vehicle is filled to the brim with every single comfort and convenience feature ever invented for a luxury sedan or executive limo, all combined to make an unparalleled machine for transporting a dignitary. All of this comes together in the rear right seat of the Mercedes Benz S-Class S600, which is is reclining, heated, ventilated, made of Nappa leather, has a power foot and calf rest, has remarkable leg room, and has full massage features. That is better than sitting in your living room in your favorite easy chair.

But just because the luxury passenger seat is amazing, that doesn’t mean the driver doesn’t also love sitting in a Mercedes Benz S-Class S600. With the exception of the foot and leg rests, the driver seat shares just about every feature with the rear executive seat. Additionally, the driver enjoys a wooden and leather steering wheel with fingertip controls all of the most commonly used electronic features, including Bluetooth hands free calling. And what isn’t immediately accessible from the steering wheel is easily accessible from the 12″ high resolution touch screen display. All of this makes driving the car comfortable and convenient. Finally, roughly a half dozen safety features also means this is one of the safest cars on the road today.


  • 7 Speed Automatic Transmission
  • ECO Start / Stop System
  • LED Exterior and Interior Lighting
  • Mercedes-Benz-S600_2015_2

  • DISTRONIC PLUS with Steering Assist
  • Attention Assist System
  • Night View System
  • Full Surround Cameras with Parking Assistance
  • Cabin Fragrance System
  • Built-in WIFI



The purpose of a good executive limo is to impress a boss or client when you are transporting them in a car. The Mercedes Benz S-Class S600 isn’t a good executive limo. It is a truly exceptional executive limo. This is the kind of car that may just convince your boss to give you a raise or convince a client that to hire your company. It truly is that great a ride.

But even if you aren’t trying to impress a boss or a client, it still offers a truly sublime experience to every passenger in the car. Kids aren’t likely to appreciate the benefits of this vehicle, but if you regularly drive with adults or you need to go on a business trip, you won’t find a much better vehicle than a Mercedes Benz S-Class S600. For more information, visit Exotic Car Rentals in Hollywood, FL.

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