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Ferrari Sergio
March 5, 2015


Ferrari Sergio

The Ferrari Sergio is the ultimate in aerodynamic vehicle design. Vaguely resembling a four wheeled racing motorcycle, this topless car is a sleek vehicle that is designed primarily for speed and acceleration. It gets its truly amazing performance via a body design that absolutely controls air flow around it. From the lack of windshield to the forward sloped rear of the car to a rear view mirror that directs air flow away from the heads of the driver and passenger, the entire vehicle is an exercise in advanced engineering. But just because it is an engineers dream, that doesn’t mean it is unattractive. In fact, quite the opposite. The aerodynamic body is quite fetching and the designers have cleverly hidden all of the mechanical features in dark portions of the Sergio’s body. This makes the Ferrari Sergio look smooth and gorgeous.


  • 4499c V8 Engine
  • 3.4 Second Sprint Time
  • Ferrari-Sergio_3

  • 192 Mile Per Hour Maximum Speed
  • Rear Mounted Engine
  • Sports Seats
  • Gull Wing Doors

A New Type of Racing


The motorcycle comparison isn’t just a metaphor. This is actually a car designed to be driven while wearing a full motorcycle helmet, if nothing else to protect your eyes from from wind and dirt while driving at near 200 mile per hour speeds. The Ferrari Sergio literally exists for racing and little else. The interior has almost none of the amenities you would regularly associate with modern luxury cars or even modern sports cars. It has no radio or entertainment system, very limited HVAC, and absolutely no communication or digital safety features. Even the seats have limited adjustability. This is truly a car designed for racing and nothing else.

And that simple truth means that the Ferrari Sergio is a show car. It drives fast and there is literally nothing else on the road that looks like it. This car won’t just impress, it will absolutely shock anyone who sees it for the first time. People who lots of car familiarity will recognize it as a concept car with production numbers that can be counted on the fingers of their hands. And even people without that level of knowledge will be in awe of a design that looks ripped out of the pages of a science fiction magazine. For more information, visit Exotic Car Rentals in Miami, FL.

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