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Mini Cooper Paceman
March 12, 2015
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Mini Cooper

On an initial visual inspection, the Mini Cooper Paceman looks surprisingly like a miniaturized version of an SUV. This vehicle has the same lines and cab shape that are common in most SUVs, rather than the boxier design which is more common in most standard Mini Coopers. While this design makes the Mini Cooper Paceman a more attractive vehicle than some of its peers, the SUV-style design is also a bit of a tease, since the Mini Cooper Paceman offers only modest improvements in passenger room and storage capacity over a traditional Mini Cooper.

To be a little more specific, that means the Mini Cooper Paceman has seating for four, though the rear passengers are a touched cramped. Additionally, the cargo area of the Paceman only has enough room for luggage for roughly three people, which is problematic on longer trips. But honestly, tight space is expected in a Mini Cooper and the Paceman makes up for this with a host of infotainment and entertainment systems, and a futuristic looking interior design that appeals to younger drivers. And, of course, like all Mini Coopers, this vehicle offers above average gas mileage for both highway and city driving.


  • Optional All Wheel Drive
  • LED Headlights and Fog Lamps
  • Rain Sensing Window Wipers
  • Mini-Paceman_2

  • Automatic Climate Control
  • Built-in Hands Free Calling

Fuel Efficient Status Symbol


The simple truth of the matter is that the main reason to own a Mini Cooper Paceman is because owning a Mini Cooper has become something of a status symbol, especially among young professionals that care more about cars with good fuel economy that don’t hog the road than they do about driving powerful sports cars. In this the Mini Cooper Paceman shines. It offers all of the benefits of a standard Mini Cooper while also looking better and providing more cargo and passenger space, even if that still isn’t an impressive amount compared to traditional sedans.

Additionally, the Paceman comes in three different engine models, which means that you can still potentially enjoy modest power in the 208 horsepower John Cooper Works model. This is also the model where all wheel drive comes standard, making it a surprisingly good vehicle for driving even in poor weather.

If you are a young professional, or simply need to impress young professionals, the Mini Cooper Paceman is ideal vehicle for your purposes. It impresses with its status while still offering modest power and roominess. For more information, visit Exotic Car Rentals in Daytona Beach, FL.

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