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Bugatti Veyron Sport Vitesse “La Finale”
March 23, 2015


Bugatti Veyron Sport Vitesse “La Finale”

The Bugatti Veyron Sport Vitesse “La Finale” is truly a unique car in the literal sense of the word. This is a car that you will never get to own or rent or likely even see, except in pictures on the internet. The reason for this is that the Bugatti Veyron Sport Vitesse “La Finale” is a single vehicle that has already been sold by Bugatti. Not only will this vehicle never be duplicated, but this car also represents the last ever Bugatti Veyron that will ever be produced. While you may not ever be able to drive this beauty, you can appreciate craftsmanship of it.

The burgundy and black exterior of “La Finale” has a very futuristic curved design, almost similar to the self driving cars in the Will Smith movie “I, Robot.” Just to highlight the fact that this is the final Veyron, the words “La Finale” are written in a stylish script in bright red letters under the left front headlight. The interior color scheme is maroon and beige, a nice compliment to the darker exterior. Silk leather upholstery covers much of the vehicle, including the seats, offering a truly comfortable ride, though admittedly making the vehicle difficult to clean. That is a problem that the owner has to deal with, though. The most impressive visual feature, though is the tinted sunroof which looks almost completely opaque from the outside while being almost completely transparent from the interior.



  • 1183 Horsepower 8.0 Liter W-16 Engine
  • 2.5 Second Sprint Time
  • 253 Mile Per Hour Top Speed

One of a Kind Luxury


Exactly what the owner of the Bugatti Veyron Sport Vitesse “La Finale” plans to do with this car is unknown, but it is pretty easy to guess based on the specifications of the vehicle. It has a small cockpit that only fits up to two passengers with limited leg room. This is not a car for long drives. Instead, with a nearly world record top speed, this is a car for racing. “La Finale” will probably spend most of its life either on private race tracks or well cared for in a garage, likely with windows to show off the splendor of this beautiful machine. For more information, visit Exotic Car Rentals in Macon, GA

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