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Bugatti Veyron Jean Bugatti
March 24, 2015


Bugatti Veyron Jean Bugatti

The Bugatti Veyron Jean Bugatti is part of the Legends series of Bugattis. This means that it is a vehicle designed based on the inspiration of a single person and that only three of this model will ever be produced. As you might expect for a vehicle with such a limited production line, the cost is quite prohibitive. The Bugatti Veyron Jean Bugatti comes in a little bit north of $2.5 million. The obvious question is whether it is worth that high a price tag.

The answer is: unquestionably. Inspired by the legendary car designer Jean Bugatti, this vehicle borrow ideas from the equally legendary Bugatti 57SC Atlantic designed by the man. The result is a jet black, carbon fibre framed small body convertible. The only break from the unending glossy black body are the striking metallic accents on the grill, wheels, and rear of the car. Amazingly, the front horseshoe grill is made of pure platinum.

Moving inside the vehicle, dark and light chocolate colored leather covers the entire interior. Hand stitching accentuates the fine leather interior. The colors are a little bit of a mismatch for the glossy black body, but the overall look is elegant and truly fits the friendly style you would expect in a convertible roadster.



  • 1184 Horsepower 16.4 Liter W-16 Engine
  • 2.4 Second Sprint Time
  • 267 Mile Per Hour Top Speed
  • Automatic Hard Top Convertible

Rare Jet Black Beauty


Like the horse Black Beauty, the Bugatti Veyron Jean Bugatti is more than just a mode of transportation. It is a powerful beast that reflects the sunlight back towards the heavens and lets the rider gallop through summer days with the wind in his or her hair. It is a truly legendary vehicle deserving of its name and of its pedigree. If, by some miracle, you ever get a chance to enjoy this incredibly rare driving machine, find a private track and take advantage of its nearly record setting top speed. You simply won’t find another convertible in production today that offers as fast acceleration or top speed. This is truly a world class vehicle and driving one, even briefly is an experience you would remember for the rest of your life. For more information, visit Exotic Car Rentals Atlanta Georgia.


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