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Porsche Macan S
March 31, 2015


Porsche Macan S

What exactly is the Porsche Macan S. From a bird’s eye view, might you guess that it was a station wagon designed for midgets, or maybe a SUV with half of its roof cut off, or possibly a sedan where the designers forgot to build the last two feet of the car. Even looking at the specifications of the vehicle, it is rather difficult to decide exactly what the Porsche Macan S is supposed to be. Most likely it is a crossover, but it has such a low roof and such oddly sporty finishing touches, it certainly doesn’t visually look like one.

But a Porsche doesn’t have to look like a Porsche to perform like one. And, like almost every Porsche before it, the Porsche Macan S has incredibly tight controls and amazing road grip. It is a little slow off the starting block, but it reaches a respectable top speed that more than competes with any car in its class, whatever that class actually is. And it truly shines once you step inside. It lives up to the company name with a plethora of safety, communication, climate control, and entertainment systems that are all top class. The only place where this vehicle doesn’t quite live up is the limited leg room available to the rear passengers, which is surprising given that it has a quite respectable luggage area.



  • 7 Speed PDK Transmission
  • Porsche Traction Management
  • Electromechanical Steering System
  • Porsche Dynamic Light System
  • Surround Sound
  • Porsche Communication Management with Built in Touch Screen
  • Two Zone Automatic Climate Control
  • Lane Change Assist System
  • 17.7 Cubic Feet of Storage Space

A Little Bit of a Mystery


If not for the questionable leg room in the rear seats, the Porsche Macan S would be an ideal car for a family of up to five. But that limited leg room means it isn’t great for long drives with older kids. It should be fine for shorter drives like daily errands or quick day trips, especially with an adaptable storage area that can use part of the back seat. If that isn’t what you intend to use it for, you could arguably bring it on the race track. You might get teased a bit, but since it has nearly race track handling, you actually wouldn’t look too foolish. Visit Exotic Car Rentals in Clearwater, FL for more information

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