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Maybach Zeppelin
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Maybach Zeppelin

Nearly a century ago, Maybach was the company that built engines for German zeppelins. Maybach honors that legacy by building a modern luxury vehicle named after the zeppelins of old. The Maybach Zeppelin is a luxury limousine, that is comparable to the best of its class, yet manages to disguise just enough that even the longest model doesn’t immediately look like a limousine at first glance. It is a smoothly curved sedan with sharp accents that looks more like a professional or executive vehicle than it does like an elite limousine.

But all of that disguise goes out the window once you step inside. The Maybach Zeppelin defines the word “comfort” with plush leather and suede seats and upholstery, window curtains and divider for privacy, enough legroom for a six foot tall person to fully stretch out, personal rear entertainment screens, rear zone climate control, and even custom silver champagne flutes that come with the car. And to top it all off, the Mayback Zeppelin offers an optional system that sprays a specific perfume or other scent of your choice into the car.



  • 632 Horsepower V12 Engine
  • 20 Inch Wheels
  • Lambskin Carpeting
  • Soft Leather Front and Rear Seats

A Limo in Disguise


There are times when you want to enjoy the comforts of a top end luxury limousine, but don’t want to advertise that you are riding in a limousine. For these times, the Maybach Zeppelin is the right car for you. While it looks exceptionally luxurious from the outside, even the extended cab version of the Maybach Zeppelin is hard to identify as a limousine. This is an ideal vehicle for transporting dignitaries subtly, but with style.

The only downside of this fantastic luxury vehicle is that it is nearly impossible to find. Maybach has limited the production to just 100 cars, which is pretty much in line with the demand for the vehicle. Like many of the top end vehicles in the world, it is definitely hard to find, and unsurprisingly expensive. Still, with the one-of-a-kind patented aroma dispersing system, it offers an experience that can quite literally be described as unique, and that is an impressive feat in the modern car world. Visit Exotic Car Rentals in Fort Lauderdale, FL for more information

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