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Aston Martin is about to experience a growth spurt, though not in the traditional way. When most car companies grow, they sell more products year over year. But not Aston Martin. Aston Martin has no intentions of increasing beyond 7000 production models per year. Instead, Aston Martin is going to grow by adding greater diversity to the products it sells. For a company that currently only has three production models (Vanquish, Vantage, and DB9), that is considerable growth, especially since Aston Martin has disclosed plans to make an electric vehicle.

For anyone familiar with the Aston Martin brand, that particular plan must sound like a fairy tale. Of all the things that Aston Martins are famous for, no feature defines an Aston Martin more than the powerful V12 engine that powers each and every vehicle. A switch to electric seems almost as insane as replacing the engine with pedals.

But for Aston Martin, this step is seen as a necessary step to remain relevant in a car market that is increasingly concerned with environmental impact fuel efficiency. There simply aren’t as many car buyers who are seeking loud, powerful, fuel guzzling engines. And, if Aston Martin wants to continue to be able to afford to make vehicles with V12 engines, it will need to also service a market that wants quiet and environmentally friendly vehicles.

This doesn’t mean that Aston Martin vehicles are going to stop being powerful. The designers at Aston Martin are taking a page from the book of Tesla and intend to build a car similar to the Model S, a vehicle that competes with sports cars in terms of performance while also offering almost 300 miles of range on a single charge. Such technology doesn’t come cheap. But when has an Aston Martin ever been cheap?

And no matter the cost, if will keep Aston Martin relevant, which is what the company needs entering its second century of existence.

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