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Mercedes Benz – Maybach S600


Mercedes Benz Maybach S600

Executive sedans just keep getting more luxurious every single year. The Mercedes Benz Maybach S600 is one of the most recent cars to prove this statement. The design of the car mixes traditional sophistication with modern technology to create a cradle of luxury that is absolutely perfect for dignitaries of any level of society.

Any passenger lucky enough to enjoy the rear seats will immediately realize that they are experiencing one of the most comfortable automobiles ever created. The rear seating looks more like a recliner than it does like the passenger seat of an automobile. Soft, hand stitched Nappa leather covers gently angled seats with generous head rests, foot rests, and enough leg room for your average NBA player. Seat backs, calf support, and head support are all adjustable for maximum comfort of any VIPs.

And the comfort doesn’t end with the seats. The car includes champagne flutes and holders for easily enjoying a sip of bubbly during your trip. And, as for entertainment, both a fold out table and a digital screen are available to rear passengers. You’ll never get bored while sitting in the rear of this vehicle.



  • 6.0 Liter V12 Biturbo Engine
  • Electronically Adjustable Rear Executive Seats Made of Hand Stitched Nappa Leather
  • Magic Body Control Suspension with Road Surface Scan
  • Full Rear Seat Entertainment Package

A Little Power and a Lot of Elegance


There is no denying that a 6.0 liter V12 biturbo engine is going to provide the Mercedes Benz Maybach S600 with some notable power. This executive sedan isn’t just luxurious, it also has power and performance that is comparable with some lower end sports cars or convertibles. But this power and performance, while notable, is simply designed with more elegance in mind.

The amazing suspension and the Road Surface Scan both exist to make the ride as smooth as possible for passengers. The excellent performance exists to get passengers where they are going quickly. Combine that with the one of the most elegant rear passenger areas that can be found in any production model car, and you have a car that fulfills its singular purpose of making passengers feel like they are royalty. For more information, visit Exotic Car Rentals Atlanta Georgia.

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