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Ferrari 488 GTB
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Ferrari 488 GTB

When car experts and critics alike talk about the Ferrari 488 GTB, they only want to talk about one thing, the performance specifications of this vehicle. The reason for that is quite obvious, the Ferrari 488 GTB is a vehicle designed to blow away the competition in terms of pure performance. It is engineered to be faster than any other car you have ever driven, and unless you are one of the rare people who has had the pleasure of sitting inside an F1 race car, that engineering goal was a roaring success.

In fact, that particular comparison is quite apt, given that it literally includes an F1-Trac traction control system. That is just one of many pieces of high tech equipment that gives the Ferrari 488 GTB nearly unparalleled handling. It also features a SSC2 system which basically prevents slippage by taking over when it detects that the driver has lost control. It is literally smart driving at work.



  • 660 Horsepower 3.9 Liter Twin Turbocharged V8 Engine
  • 7 Gear Dual Clutch Transmission
  • 3.0 Second Sprint Time
  • 205 Mile Per Hour Maximum Speed
  • Side Slip Angle Control System
  • Built in Infotainment System

F1 Racing Ability in a Road Vehicle


While features are important, the true test of a vehicle is how it performs. On or off the track, the Ferrari 488 GTB performs like a cheetah. It takes off like a rocket, turns on a dime, and roars like a powerful beast. The traction, in particular, is so impressive that you can pull off some very advanced racing maneuvers, especially in controlled environments.

But that isn’t to say this is a vehicle that only belongs in a controlled environment. The built-in Infotainment system is literally designed to make a street friendly vehicle, by providing music and GPS as needed. It also sports a much more comfortable cockpit, steering wheel, and seats than your average racing quality vehicle. The designers at Ferrari want you to show off your Ferrari 488 GTB, not keep it hidden on a closed track.

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