Lotus Exige LF1


Lotus Exige LF1

Have you ever wanted to own a life-size classic batmobile? You aren’t likely to find one for sale under seven figures, but the Lotus Exige LF1 is the next best thing. The black exterior with red edge lines and the slightly hour glass figure of the vehicle definitely create the feel of the batmobile that was showcased in the old 60s television show. It quite obviously isn’t a batmobile, but despite being made of modern materials, the entire style of the car evokes the feel of a 60s look which is actually quite fetching. If that look tickles your fancy, you better act fast, though, since Lotus is only producing a total of 81 Lotus Exige LF1 production models, at a surprisingly good deal of only $90,000.



  • 3.5 Liter V6 Engine
  • 170 Mile Per Hour Top Speed
  • 3.8 Second Sprint Time
  • 37 Mile Per Gallon Fuel Efficiency
  • 4 Mode Lotus Dynamic Performance Management System for Optimized Suspension Settings

A Truly Rare Breed of Car


Simply the fact the only 81 Lotus Exige LF1 cars will ever be produced is indicative of how rare this vehicle is. But low production isn’t the only reason to call this vehicle rare, especially when it is built by a company that is famous for low production runs on nearly all of the models it builds. It is the luxury of the cabin that truly lets you know exactly how uncommon this vehicle is intended to be. Leather stitching with gold piping fills the cabin and the LF1 embroidered logos can be found throughout it as well. The entire design advertises that this is a car that is truly in a class of its own.

And, that fact won’t be more apparent until the moment you take it out on a course. The specifications may not seem like they are racing quality, but the drivetrain is designed specifically to offer race track quality performance. This means you have a car that has excellent road grip, turns on a dime, and is easy to control even when accelerating or decelerating into or out of a turn. You can visit places like Exotic Car Rentals in Boca Raton, FL for more information

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