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2018 Lamborghini SUV

Lamborghini recently made a huge announcement providing information about a vehicle it will be producing in the future. Surprisingly, though, this announcement isn’t about a vehicle that is due to be released in 2015, 2016, or even 2017. No, Lamborghini’s newest announcement is about a vehicle that is due to be released in 2018. If you are doing the math, that is sort of like announcing what college you are going to in your freshman year of high school. Despite the long delay to production, this is an announcement worth paying attention to.

According to the official word, starting in 2018, Lamborghini will be producing a SUV called the Lamborghini Urus. While Lamborghini has built a concept car and showed it off, you shouldn’t expect any ratings or reviews for the car for quite some time. Instead, the only real information available is what Lamborghini has announced officially and what can be determined from a visual inspection of the Lamborghini Urus concept car. The latter is possibly the most interesting part of the information available, because the Lamborghini Urus concept car looks nothing like any other SUV on the road today. You can visit places like Exotic Car Rentals in Boca Raton, FL for more information


If it is possible, the Lamborghini Urus may be the car that pulls it off. The Urus concept car may be the most aerodynamic SUV ever produced. If it were just a few inches shorter in terms of both height and length, the vehicle would almost certainly be considered a sedan. And given the muscular curves of the body which look like they are borrowed from a Camaro, if it were about a foot shorter in height, it could easily pass for a modern sports car. It isn’t surprising that a vehicle made by Lamborghini has beautiful lines and curves, but it definitely makes for an unusual looking SUV.

The real question is whether it will actually provide the utility that is expected in a SUV. Looking inside the concept car doesn’t give any answers. The current interior is entirely placeholder parts, with no sense of actual final design. On first glance it simply looks too compact to provide the kind of comfort and storage space that would be expected in a SUV, but Lamborghini has a reputation for amazing engineering, so it is way too dismiss this vehicle.

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