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2016 Mercedes Benz GLC
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2016 Mercedes Benz GLC

Mercedes Benz markets the 2016 Mercedes Benz GLC as a compact crossover. If the 2016 Mercedes Benz GLC is considered a crossover, then a Mercedes Benz SUV must be the size of a tractor trailer. This new Mercedes Benz is a big car, way bigger than the average crossover. Most other companies would market it as a full SUV without the slightest embarrassment. It is a statement about how Mercedes Benz builds its vehicles that this car is being marketed the way it is.

The question, then, is what does this incredibly large crossover have to offer for car buyers? For starters, it offers four wheel drive, a rather handy benefit for any vehicle. It is also quite light, probably the biggest argument for calling it a crossover instead of a SUV. Between those two features, you have a crossover that handles almost as well as your average sedan. Anyone who has ever driven a SUV knows how useful that is, especially since good handling also equates to increased safety for the large number of friends and family riding inside of your 2016 Mercedes Benz GLC. You can visit places like Exotic Car Rentals in Bradenton, FL for more information



  • 241 Horsepower 4 Cylinder Engine
  • Four Wheel Drive
  • Distronic Plus With Steering Assist
  • Active Blind Spot Assist
  • Lane Keeping Assistance
  • Collision Prevention Frontal Warning System

Family Safe Vehicle


Looking at those features, you will immediately notice that safety is a primary concern of the engineers that built the 2016 Mercedes Benz GLC. For a car designed to shepherd large numbers of people, usually families, this is incredibly important. And unlike many cars designed to be incredibly safe, the GLC is also incredibly stylish. It is large, but not domineering, with subtle curves that make it look a bit like a gentle giant of a car. The interior is equally soothing to the eyes, mixing wooden trims with leather upholstery to create a suave look. It is nearly the perfect family car because it is utilitarian and safety oriented while also being attractive enough that nobody will object to riding inside it.

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