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2015 International Engine of the Year – BMW i8
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BMW i8 – The New Standard in Economy and Power

Green is definitely the new gold standard in the automotive world. As companies like Tesla and Ford continue to make more environmentally friendly and fuel efficient vehicles and engines, the rest of the industry is taking note and racing to keep up. This race for the best green technology isn’t better showcased than in the annual International Engine of the Year Awards, awarded by Engine Technology International.

Green technology is so well respected that the winner of the coveted International Engine of the Year award for the last four years has been an engine designed specifically to be ecologically friendly. For the past three years, the meant the Ford EcoBoost engine. But, this year even more ripples were sent through the industry when the winner of the award was the BMW i8 Powertrain.

This may not seem like such a big deal, except for one very important fact. The BMW i8 Powertrain is a hybrid engine. A hybrid engine is a rather unlikely winner because along with fuel economy and low emissions, performance is an important part of the judging criteria. And that is what makes the BMW i8 Powertrain truly impressive. It didn’t just do adequate in performance. It displayed amazing performance, a trait rarely seen in a hybrid engine.

As a brand new engine introduced just this year, the BMW i8 Powertrain makes a statement. It unquestionably raises the bar by which all engines, especially hybrids, will be judged in the future. It isn’t the most ecologically friendly (Tesla won that award with an electric engine), nor does it offer the best performance (unsurprisingly Ferrari won that award), but the way it combines green technology with performance technology is nothing short of unparalleled. This award is certain to raise the stock of BMW, a company that already has impressive credentials and respect in the automotive community. With the BMW i8 Powertrain setting the standard this year, next year’s awards are certain to be exciting.

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